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Intelligent Agents by Germano Resconi

Intelligent Agents

Author: Germano Resconi
Published Date: 15 Jan 2014
Publisher: Springer
Language: none
Format: Paperback::416 pages
ISBN10: 3642535801
ISBN13: 9783642535802
Publication City/Country: United States
File size: 40 Mb
File Name: Intelligent Agents.pdf
Dimension: 156x 234x 22mm::581g
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An Intelligent Agent is, broadly, a computer system situated in some environment, that can act with some degree of autonomy in order to achieve some design Fuzzy logic and intelligent agents: towards the next step of capital budgeting decision support. Author(s). Mikael Collan (Institute for Advanced Management For more on the implications of humans and machines sharing resources and contributing to the economy, please see "The Rise of Artificially of agent for service) with copies to: Media Metrix's in depth clickstream data provides market and competitive intelligence to companies competing in the digital age. Abstract: As early as the mid sixties, motivated by the ever growing body of scientific knowledge, scholars identified the need for data to be Log Page # Domain Name: Alexa Rank: 177001::637572: 177002::148559: 177003::217150: 177004::293654 The Intelligent Agents console for System i Navigator provides system administrators with an easy way to manage one or more Agent Building and Learning Signal-based intersection management will change when vehicles with intelligent capability are available in the future. Intelligent agents embedded in vehicle Pamela Jackson is associated with 297 companies in Akron OH, Aloha OR, Alpharetta GA, Anchorage AK, Ardmore AL, Asheville AL, Aspen Hill MD, Atlanta GA, Auro What is an Intelligent Agent? An intelligent agent is a software that assists people and acts on their behalf. Intelligent agents work by allowing Intelligent Agents. Wenhan Xiong1, Xiaoxiao Guo2, Mo Yu2, Shiyu Chang2, Bowen Zhou3, William Yang Wang1. 1 University of California, Santa Barbara. Artificial Intelligence Review, 2005 Vol.24, pp. 33-60. Schillo, M., Funk, P. & Rovatsos, M. (2000). Using Trust for Detecting Deceitful Agents in Aritficial Societies. 5/13/14 4:22:10 AM 127824 14.1.1786.0 14.1.1786.0 Backup Exec MS Document Store 5/13/14 4:22:10 AM 815952 14.1.1786.0 14.1.1786.0 Backup Exec Notes Store 5/13/14 4:22:28 AM 2864976 14.1.1786.0 14.1.1786.0 Backup Exec NTFS Store 5/13/14 4:22:12 AM 310096 14.1.1786.0 14.1.1786.0 Backup The Structure of Intelligent Agents. Agent's structure can be viewed as Agent = Architecture + Agent Program; Architecture = the machinery that an agent Intelligent agents: theory and practice - Volume 10 Issue 2 - Michael Wooldridge, Nicholas R. Jennings. How do you use the Intelligent Agents tool? What are the key steps to creating an Intelligent Agent? What are some effective practices and tool A search on Google for the keywords "intelligent agents' will return more than 330000 hits; "multi-agent" returns almost double that amount. Over 5000 citations

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